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Discover Our Learner Driven Micro-School in Coral Springs
Private School Coral Springs

Learning to Be

Personal virtues such as honesty, work ethic, responsibility, kindness and empathy are developed through community relationships and conflict resolution.

Micro-school Coral Springs

Learning to Learn

Through socratic discussions, personal goal setting, critical thinking, and adaptive technology, our students are equipped to be independent lifelong learners.

Acton Academy North Broward

Learning to Do

Whether it’s by launching a business, creating a living habitat, programming a robot, or learning an instrument, Acton students build real-life skills every day.

Our Learning Model

We believe that “Learning to BE” and “Learning to LEARN” and “Learning to DO”
are more important than simply learning to memorize.

Private School in Coral Springs Where Learners Become Leaders

Welcome to Acton Academy North Broward, in Coral Springs, FL, where we provide an exceptional alternative to traditional education for parents seeking a private school with a Montessori-based foundation. Our curriculum is tailored to foster independence, out-of-the-box thinking, and leadership skills.

In response to the growing demand for innovative, independent private school options, Acton Academy North Broward offers a forward-thinking education model, where learners are taught to think critically, not just memorize information.

Our approach to education is truly one-of-a-kind. We go beyond traditional methods like lectures, homework, high-stakes tests, and grades. Instead, our top-rated micro-school features collaborative classrooms with multi-age learners, providing a flexible learning environment with personalized plans and inspiring real-world projects for students.

Discover a private school in Coral Springs that’s forward-thinking, and dedicated to nurturing young leaders – Acton Academy North Broward. 

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Inc 500 Features Acton Academy
Education Weekly Features Acton Academy
Forbes Magazine Features Acton Academy
NPR features Acton Academy
Washington Post features Acton Academy
TED X features Acton Academy

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Seth Godin Endorses Acton Academy
Gary Vee Endorses Acton Academy
Matt Beaudreau endorses Acton Academy
Sale Khan endorses Acton Academy

Discover Our 4 Studios
For Grades K-12

Private Elementary School Coral Springs
Ignite Studio
Ages 5-7
Micro-school Coral Springs, FL
Discovery Studio
Ages 8-11
Learner driven education model Coral Springs
Explore Studio
Ages 12-14
coming soon
Adventure Studio
Ages 15-18

We Offer Small Class Settings And Personalized Attention

We currently have these remaining seats available:

Ignite Studio


Age 5-7


Discovery Studio

Age 8-11

Explore Studio

Age 12-14

Adventure Studio

Coming Soon
Age 15-18
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Say Goodbye to Traditional Learning.

No homework, tests, or one-size-fits-all approach.

private elementary school Coral Springs

Say Goodbye to Traditional Learning.

No homework, tests, or one-size-fits-all approach.

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