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Courage to Grow is “A remarkable book that captures the powerful journeys of Acton Academy’s founders, students, parent community, and — I hope — the future of education around the globe. Any school, whether traditional or innovative, will gain insights from this magical place.”

Ted Dintersmith
Education Author, Film Producer, and Philanthropist

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Below are additional resources for a deeper understanding of the learner driven approach
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TEDxOKC – Jeff Sandefer

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A Virtual Tour of Acton

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A Day in the Life

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The Hero’s Journey

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Jeff | Jordan Peterson

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Zach Lahn | Jordan Peterson

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How to Teach a 5-year-old Conflict Resolution

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The Myth of Average

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Do Schools Kill Creativity

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Children’s Business Fair

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The Power of Passion and Perserverence

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Acton Student Interviews

Courage to Grow

Nurture Shock

A Thomas Jefferson Education

The One World School House

The Talent Code

Unschooling Rules

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