Beyond Grades: How Acton Academy Tracks Progress and Fosters Growth

In traditional educational systems, grades are often viewed as the primary measure of student progress and achievement. However, Acton Academy takes a different approach, emphasizing self-directed learning, real-world projects, and personalized feedback over traditional grading systems. But how does Acton Academy track progress without relying on grades? Let’s delve into this innovative approach. Emphasis on […]

The Top 5 Differences Between Traditional Schools and Learner-Driven Schools: A Closer Look at Acton Academy

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In the evolving landscape of education, learner-driven schools like Acton Academy are redefining the parameters of learning, engagement, and student responsibility. As we delve into the educational model, it becomes clear that these institutions diverge significantly from traditional schools in several key areas. Here are the top five differences: Learning Philosophy and Approach Traditional Schools: […]